Sony Channel - Picture This

Picture a baby rhino nuzzling its mother, flipping away errant flies with its tail and ears. Now picture encountering a couple of life-size rhinos foraging within the precinct of Gautrain’s Sandton Station. They are virtual, of course, and it was quite a journey to create this amazing spectacle in the heart of Johannesburg’s financial and transport hub.

The concept is simple but profoundly entertaining: by downloading the app once through the Gautrain turnstiles at Sandton Station, commuters need only pan their smartphones over the designated area to see the rhino forage placidly within the confines of the designated "savannah" and by turning their smartphones around, they can snap a selfie with the rhino right behind them.

The TVC was created to drive people to the app, painting a worse case scenario - what if we could only see rhinos in a virtual reality space.

A sample of the visual effects work created for @sonypictures #sptpicturethis campaign in association with #rhinorage made by our wonderful work husbands over at Wondermerk Studios.


Gautrain in partnership with Sony are launching an initiative called "Picture This", aimed at building awareness for Rhino poaching.

Sony Pictures Television Networks proudly launches Picture This in conjunction with RAGE to Save The Rhinos

As commuters pour out from the Gautrain passing through the Sandton station, the three-ton creature, an endangered black rhino, snorts, stamping its feet as its infant sneaks up from behind. Some stop and point their cellphones in their direction. Audible gasps are heard as slowly, one by one, people inch forward tentatively.