National Geographic - Films

When DOP/Director Rob Wilson approached us to do the post-production on a National Geographic project, we very calmly accepted, managed to play it cool for another 15 minutes or so and then went crazy. This was an absolute dream come true for Lindi and Jessica who had always wanted to do work for Nat Geo. We dare you to watch these films and not cry.

In West Bengal, India, a residential school for young people with visual impairments is providing its students not just hope but also joy. Some would face a bleak life if not for the care and instruction that they're receiving. Faculty and staff guide the children through a rich curriculum of classroom learning, skills training, music, and even cricket and other sports.

Blindness is prevalent in the Sundarbans, but until recently getting treatment was nearly impossible for its residents. Ophthalmologist Asim Sil organized a network of medical workers to examine people in the Sundarbans and transport them by bus or by boat to care centers and a hospital.


In a remote region of India with a high rate of blindness, one eye doctor has reached out to connect people with treatment.