Meet the team

Jessica Young

Partner | Director | Editor | Art director

Jessica got her first taste of fame when she starred as the talking sheep in her nursery school nativity play. It was while pursuing an acting career (and a crippling Baz Lurman addiction) in her teenage years that she fell in love with the technical side of film making.

Fast forward almost twenty years and Jess is the resident everything in the office – production designer, editor, writer, director and producer. Jess had always dreamt of directing documentary films and got her first chance in 2014 when she directed the music documentary Vat Die Rap.

Jessica is best known for co-creating and directing the TV series Kry Jou Daar and the music documentary Vat Die Rap for kykNet. Jessica received a SAFTA (South African Film and Television Awards) for Best Editing of a Drama Series End Game.

Larney de Swardt

Partner | Producer

Our super producer, Larney hails from the South of Joburg via Russia. She has a mild case of OCD, which she first discovered when she spent most of her childhood organising her Barbies.

Larney wanted to be an economist but realised being a producer allowed her to do something new, creative and different every day.

When Larney is not multitasking a million things at work, she enjoys cycling and dancing to music from before 1999. Larney is best known for creating and producing the international hit travel series Food, Booze & Tattoos.

Lindi Lowry

Partner | Director | Editor | Creative Director

Lindi is one of our magician editors who learnt most of her party tricks in Groot Marico where she spent her childhood. She started studying filmmaking in the hopes to become a miniature model maker professional but fell in love with editing instead. This brought Lindi to a world of story telling and organising chaos. Editing allows Lindi to be her own story teller everyday. She loves music and when she is not enjoying party shenanigans she is adventuring in the wilderness. Lindi’s dream is to live in Texas, wear cowboy boots and wrangle mustangs all day.

Lindi is best known for winning a SAFTA (South African Film and Television Awards) for Best Editing of a Drama Series Room 9 and creating the femme powered online content movement Grow a Pair.

Bianca Moreira

Production manager

Growing up in the Joburg scene, Bianca did what all good Joburg kids do and bought some dancing shoes and became a dancer. It was there that she discovered music, movement, stories and entertainment. Whilst graduating with honours in film producing, Bianca met Larney, her mentor in the production world.

Larney tricked Bianca into joining the Black Gosling crew and we’ve never been happier. She assists in scheduling, planning, and all “producer stuff” but is mainly dedicated to herding the creatives.

Karien Goosen

Senior editor/ Post Production Supervisor

Born and raised in the artsy-fartsy streets of Melville. Karien, our magician, editor travelled around SA during her childhood days.

Karien studied at AFDA where she dreamed to be a hardcore cinematographer but realised her talents lay in the deep dark creative corners of the the edit suite. Her love and extremely unique skills came naturally, so she exchanged the camera for a keyboard and headphones, and dived into a world of story telling. Karien is a perfectionist in her work, although you wouldn’t say the same for her flat or desk, but we’ll just call that “organised chaos" for now. Karien is a lover of cats and dogs, and literary fantasy worlds. She has a mortal fear of grasshoppers.

Karien won a SAFTA for best editor in a TV Drama for End Game.