L'Oréal - A truth about your skin

An incredible campaign we did for L'Oréal Paris and McCann. Take a look at this beautiful manifesto video! Feeling confident and believing in yourself has the power to radiate sunbeams and tell the most beautiful story ever told, because true beauty comes from within. See the testimonials…

Every woman has a unique story of how time has impacted her appearance.

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, upper lip, crow's feet and neck can appear as early as your 30's; address these skin issues with Revitalift Classic Day.

Cheek pore enlargement, an overlooked indication of ageing, is aggravated by excess oil production. Oily skin requires a light, non-greasy textured moisturiser with mattifying finish and long-lasting freshness. Avoid signs of oily skin, enlarged pores and fine lines with Revitalift Classic Light Texture.

Ageing is not just about wrinkles, but also the appearance of dark spots. A UV filtering system protects the skin from UV rays responsible for the appearance of dark spots. Combat dark spots and fine lines with Revitalift Classic SPF 30.c