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Here's a quick look at what we have been up to this past year.


Picture a baby rhino nuzzling its mother, flipping away errant flies with its tail and ears. Now picture encountering a couple of life-size rhinos foraging within the precinct of Gautrain’s Sandton Station. They are virtual, of course, and it was quite a journey to create this amazing spectacle in the heart of Johannesburg’s financial and transport hub.

The concept is simple but profoundly entertaining: by downloading the app once through the Gautrain turnstiles at Sandton Station, commuters need only pan their smartphones over the designated area to see the rhino forage placidly within the confines of the designated "savannah" and by turning their smartphones around, they can snap a selfie with the rhino right behind them.

The TVC was created to drive people to the app, painting a worse case scenario - what if we could only see rhinos in a virtual reality space.

When DOP/Director Rob Wilson approached us to do the post-production on a National Geographic project, we very calmly accepted, managed to play it cool for another 15 minutes or so and then went crazy. This was an absolute dream come true for Lindi and Jessica who had always wanted to do work for Nat Geo. We dare you to watch these films and not cry.

This project has got to be one of favourites. We were approached by Sony Music to create the first music video for the incredible Jaques Moolman aka Chambers. From concept to post everything was done in house.

An incredible campaign we did for L'Oréal Paris and McCann. Take a look at this beautiful manifesto video! Feeling confident and believing in yourself has the power to radiate sunbeams and tell the most beautiful story ever told, because true beauty comes from within. See the testimonials…


Celltone is a unique skin care range made with Snail Gel extract. This global phenomena taps into one of nature’s beautiful secrets.

Black Gosling has a long standing relationship with Celltone, and it is always a pleasure working with these skin experts.

It is of vital importance for us at Black Gosling to support the arts, to promote true prosperity, improve academic prosperity, uplift the youth, spark creativity and innovation. So when the South African National Youth Orchestra along with Bombshelter beast approached us to do a series of PSAs and online promos we jumped at the chance.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… When Diacore came into possession of an 80ct yellow diamond, they knew they had to have the cutting process documented. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to create the video. Our aim was to create a factually accurate but beautiful film explaining the process to the end product.

Kia challenged the public to demonstrate their favourite feature of the Sorento. We had the absolute pleasure of shooting the winner’s challenge. Never thought we’d ever have to create custom oven mitt.